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Friends Season 1 Episode 5 (The One With The East German Laundry Detergent)

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If you’re looking for a great sitcom that will keep you entertained, Friends is the show for you. The show follows six individuals who are able to overcome difficult situations and help each other get away with basic life skills. The characters are well-drawn and the storylines are interesting. I particularly love the moment when six people share a dressing room and put on a “Tootsie Pop” suit. The set design and makeup by Andie MacDowell is stunning. The episode also features some fantastic character moments.


The episode I enjoyed the most was when they were living in New York City and Rachel Green ran off on Barry’s wedding. The six characters had no idea what to do and were reliant on one another to keep them alive. I also liked the moment when Monica Geller ran off on Barry’s wedding and chose to live with her friend, Chandler Bing. This storyline was interesting because it showed the bond that these six people had and how it helped them survive.

Friends Season 1 Episode 5 TV Series

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