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If you’re looking for a great TV show that is still being watched, I highly recommend watching Friends Season 2 Episode 5. The show is about six people who are thy overcome different adventures and experiences which makes their lives both troublesome and entertaining. Jennifer Aniston portrays Rachel Green, Courteney Cox portrays Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow represents Lisa Kudrow versusLisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer represents David Schwimmer versus Joey Tribbiani and Mathew Perry portrays Chandler Bing. The show is set in Manhattan, New York and features five characters being taken to the side of the road in order to have a relationship with each other. In the beginning, Rachel Green ran off on Barry’s wedding and chose to live with her friend, Monica where she formed a closer bond with the other characters. At the time, the six characters were quite clueless in their lives and constantly relied on each other for relationships and career issues.

The show continued with Chandler Bing, who was still single and made at least $35,000 a year, being picked up by a friend who said he had friends who could help him find it. The six characters were able to now follow their own paths and become helpful friends/lovers. Jennifer Aniston told “People” in an interview that she really enjoyed watching Season 2 of Friends because she changed things up for her character which was very refreshing.

Friends Season 2 Episode 5 TV Series

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