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Friends Season 3 Episode 23 (The One With Ross S Thing)

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The Friends TV series is a very special comic series for me. It teaches us to be simple, cool, andrust in self. All the characters in the series have distinct qualities, everyone has got some weird habits and style but that’s what it teaches us, no matter how distinct you look in the crowd you should value your own speciality and not judge yourself with others. My favorite character is of course Chandler Bing ! Cute guy with excellent humour. Ross is loving and caring, love his style of speaking. Monica is good, she knows she’s little strict disciplined by nature but she tries not to impose her rules on others. Rachel is cute, beautiful, love her voice. Pheebs.. she is nice, good example of preserving any weirdness you own. Joey Tribbiani ! how can I forget this guy, always nice to his friends, honest and Innocent, knows well how to catch girls.


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Friends Season 3 Episode 23 TV Series

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